Is God Calling You?

As believers, we’re all called.

Volunteer or vocational.

We all have gifts and talents.

God wants us to use them to:

strengthen the local church,

lead others to faith in Christ, and

help change our neighbourhoods.

Some are called to step out into leadership. Is God calling or nudging you to…

  • Ordained Pastoral Leadership

  • Volunteer Leadership

  • Chaplaincy

  • Children, Youth Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry

  • Family Ministry

  • International Ministry

  • New Congregations

  • Church Planters

  • Something Else?

Maybe you’ve arrived here because someone told you about, or you just found us.

The Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada is here to help you explore and answer any questions you may have about your calling. We want to help you figure out your next step.

More about
  • your gifts
  • your talents
  • your calling...

The CBAC has journeyed with many people wrestling with the call. God is calling people to join him on a journey of helping churches reach their neighbourhoods with the hope of Jesus and the richness of the Kingdom of God.

If you’re still reading, that’s good. Let’s keep talking.

You may be experiencing an invitation from God that you need to explore. Or maybe someone has seen God working in your life has tapped you on the shoulder to take the next step.

If God is calling you, we need you. Here’s why…


24% of Canadians and 32% of Canadian teens identify as having no religious affiliation. The need is great. The opportunities unending.


Our culture is fragmented. Self-absorbed. Relationally broken. We need spirit led pastors and leaders who seek to know their communities to offer hope and effective leadership to our churches and neighbourhoods.


Go into the world. Love them. Teach them. Baptize them.


As the population around us ages and more people move into retirement, the local church is facing the loss of a large portion of our clergy to retirement. We need pastors and leaders to answer God’s call.
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