We are thrilled that you have been sensing God’s leading and call to serve Him in local church leadership! There must be a 101 questions swirling in your mind, including “what do I do next?”

The first thing we’d encourage you to do is to make contact with us if you haven’t already. We’d love to talk with you, get to know you and help you figure out your next steps.

Determining the Direction of Your Journey

While we hope you’re called into ministry with us here in Atlantic Canada, we’re most interested in journeying with you and equipping you with the tools and skills necessary for you to fulfill God’s calling on your life.

We’ve have two primary paths that can be taken: Volunteer Leadership or Pastoral Leadership. What’s the difference?

Volunteer leadership is for those who are being called to serve effectively in the local church but are not seeking to earn a wage from it. Volunteer leaders take on larger roles in the ministry often as a support to the pastoral staff.

Pastoral Leadership usually refers to someone who is seeking recognition through ordination to serve part or full time in a local church as either the solo pastor or part of a church staff.

It’s important for you to think through the question “Is God calling me to Ordained Pastoral Leadership or Volunteer Leadership?” Both are important and vital in the mission that God has called us to but the training and preparation look very different.

If through a discernment process (prayer, study and consultation with family, friends and pastor) you are sense that you call is in Volunteer Leadership then you might want to consider where specifically you are being invited to serve. Once that is clear you may want to consider some of the educational and training opportunities such as:

If through the discernment process you are sense a growing nudge from God to pursue ordained pastoral leadership we would encourage you to take these next steps and check out these opportunities. . .